Yootheme bug lists

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~18 issues

  • 2 high level

  • 4 medium level

  • 12 low level
  • Bug Investigation:
    1 high level, 2 low level



~6 issues

  • 2 high level

  • 1 medium level

  • 3 low level
  • Bug Investigation:
    no issue



~1 issues

  • No high level

  • 1 medium level

  • No low level
  • Bug Investigation:
    no issues

Every day I analyze about 30 messages from 5 sources, such as the support log, chat with developers, users, etc. All this data is checked, when confirm the issue, it is reported to the developers. I distinguish 3 levels of problems according to the degree of criticality for the work of projects.


level issue
A problem that may be critical to the operation of the site. These are errors that, as a rule, cause great trouble to you, your customers, site visitors and take away a lot of time when searching for a solution.


level issue
The problem that causes inconvenience only in some cases (depends on the specifics of the project). You can put up with it or find a workaround.


level issue
The problem that prevents you from making the project perfect can often be ignored or easily bypassed.
I keep my log and track statuses on all issues so nothing is will missed so bugs are fixed in upcoming updates and you get high level support.

Full list current issues

#DescriptIonLEVELFrom VersionJoomlaWordpressWorKAROUND
5 Install: Kickstart can not unzip the demo package LOW 1.21.2
6 Element: Setting only the height value for the video element does not work LOW 1.21.4  
8 Builder: Clear cache button in theme settings does not change its state when clicked LOW ~ 1.20.0
14 Install: Problem with demo SVG on Summit theme LOW  1.14.0
18 Element: Grid filter not translated into linked Lightbox LOW ALL
20 Layout: Issue Grid Element + {loadmoduleid} in content section MEDIUM 1.18.10
27 Wordpress: Dropdown column menu not working with WPML MEDIUM 1.21.9
28 Layout: Logo / Navbar Padding is missing after setting the following section on transparent Header LOW 1.21.9
29 Builder: Color picker autocomplete bug LOW 1.21.10
33 Mobile: The overlay link bug with inverse text color on touch devices MEDIUM 1.19.2
35 Mobile: Accordeon offcanvas menu bug LOW 1.22.0-beta.1
37 Joomla module: Language switcher module placed in the mobile position is not centered LOW 1.22.0
38 Joomla Builder module: Empty builder module without save Joomla module LOW ALL
42 Element: Subnav elements - one item not aligned LOW 1.21.10
43 UIKIT: Sticky + lazy loading bug on large height MEDIUM ALL
46 Install: Kubernetes vs. Docker installation issue HIGH ALL
47 Layout: Background for print style don't showed LOW ALL
53 JS: Maximum recursion limit reached error HIGH 1.22.3
1 WIDGETKIT: Shortcode don’t worked in Custom html widget LOW ALL
2 WIDGETKIT: Error when installing Widgekit to PostgreSQL HIGH ALL
5 WIDGETKIT: Slideshow blinking on iOs LOW ALL
4 WIDGETKIT: Instagram Widgetkit stopped working HIGH ALL
6 WIDGETKIT: Gaps between items after the page load MEDIUM ALL
7 WIDGETKIT: Poster for Video in Grid don't showed LOW ALL
1 ZOO: Tag links don't worked if SEF anabled MEDIUM 3.33.35  

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