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Joomla 3.9.x plugin | Yootheme Pro 2.x
  • Current version:1.0.2
  • Release date:23 June 2021

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Wordpess version

WordPress plugin | Yootheme Pro 2.x
  • Current version:1.0.0-beta.1
  • Release date:27 June 2021

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About PageBuilder Toolkit plugin

The plugin complements the builder interface and allows you to do your work faster:
  • Select device size
    New panel for resizing the preview screen, manually resizing, reversing, and returning to normal values.
  • Easy selector insertion

    Insert CSS rule selectors in 2 clicks

  • Fix scrollbar issue (Win only)

    Moves the scroll bar to estimate the size of the elements as on the mobile screen.

  • Resize CodeMirror option

    The size of the editor is now under your control

  • ASCII only mode

    Protects against accidental input of non-Latin characters if you forget to switch the keyboard layout.

  • Show Image info

    Shows the size and proportions of the image, the file size.

  • Copy LESS variables

    Quickly copy the variable name and create a list for further work

Watch Josh Gilson review

New device panel

Now you can test the layouts directly in the builder.
Select the device or set the screen size manually.

Now you don't need a separate screen to test the layout.

The list of devices is stored in a separate file.

Easy selector insertion

killer feature

Now you can add a selector to the CSS field in two clicks, and when using the new media panel, you can quickly form Media queries also.

Once you try it, you can no longer live without this option 😎

You can also easily insert an extended Path pattern.

Fix Windows scroll issue

Look at the Hero title on the mobile phone screen.

The scroll bar in the preview occupies part of the screen, which leads to an incorrect estimate of the size of the layout element.

The scroll bar in the preview occupies part of the screen, which leads to an incorrect estimate of the size of the layout element.

Note that this option does not show a reliable picture when using CSS Media selectors and is intended only for the initial evaluation of the layout.

Resize CodeMirror option

Now you can change the size of the editor to see more code in your window.

ASCII only mode

For users with a non-Latin keyboard layout

When using the Cyrillic alphabet or hieroglyphs in the input fields of custom rules, the Page Builder often loses the cursor position and you spend time searching for the position, deleting the incorrect text, and then typing the rule again in the Latin layout, now this problem will not be. A special option blocks the input of non-ASCII characters and insures you from this error.

Show the image details

Just hover over the image to get information about the actual size of the image, its proportions.

Remove the cursor from the image to find out the file size (Win only)

Easy access to LESS variables

If you are so cool that you use theme LESS variables in your layout, then you should appreciate this option.

You need to activate it directly when you open the desired section of the style, the plugin accelerates the appearance of a hint with the name of the LESS variable and intercepts its value on click. You can collect a list of the necessary variables in the browser console as in notepad, the last value will also be available in the clipboard.

What's next

In my piggy bank there are a few more ideas that will be studied and, if possible, implemented in new versions.

Here are some of them:

  • quick access to the article fields
  • reference of UIKIT selectors
  • collection of useful snippets
  • quick rollback of the layout version
  • quick navigation through the latest tabs
  • further interface improvements to reduce the number of clicks and quick access to settings

If you have any new ideas and suggestions, please contact me.


Version 1.0.2

  • changed
    The image info is shown immediately when the tab is opened, the file size is updated when you hover over it

Version 1.0.1

  • add
    Added display image info for new added images

Version 1.0.0

  • start
    Plugin release

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