Revo Converter plugin

The plugin converts post/page/article to a simple Yootheme Pro layout.



WordPress 4.3+ plugin | Yootheme Pro 1.x/2.x+
  • Current version:0.0.5
  • Update date:12 August 2021
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Joomla version

beta release v. 0.0.1

Pre-order Joomla version

I have a beta version of the plugin that can be quickly finalized before release if there is demand.

About Revo Converter plugin

The plugin allows you to quickly switch from the usual page layout in the CMS editor to the simple Yootheme Pro layout. This allows you to go to the layout in the Page Builder in one click without losing the previous version page content.

  • convert the page/post to the simple Yootheme Pro layout (WordPress)
  • convert the article to the simple Yootheme Pro layout (Joomla)
  • convert the Warp 7 pages to the simple Yootheme Pro layout
  • convert the pages after import into a simple Yootheme Pro layout
  • convert the pages after crashing into a simple Yootheme Pro layout
The layout after conversion contains only the title with the name of the article and the HTML element with all the content as is. There are no more manipulations here. The task of the plugin is not to reproduce the work of the old layout, but for the most part to show the old content on the screen so that you can immediately start rebuilding the layout in a new format. There can be a lot of data conversion options, and no matter how hard I try, there will not be an ideal option that will suit everyone, so this particular layout was chosen.


You should also understand that the transition from the old layout to the new one may entail a violation in the layout, the work of shortcodes, executable scripts, and so on. In case of problems, just exit the editor and click on the link "Back to the Classic Editor", the old layout will be restored immediately. In extreme cases, if a failure occurs, you can restore the previous version using the version/revision tools that are available in the CMS.

How it use

Just install and activate the plugin, then go to the content list and click to Convert to Yootheme Pro link


Version 0.0.5

  • changed

    The layout scheme has been updated

Version 0.0.4

  • changed

    Code refactoring

Version 0.0.3

  • changed

    Added checking for the presence of the layout in the content list (WordPress)

Version 0.0.2

  • added

    Headline as separate element

Version 0.0.1

  • release
    Plugin release

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