Core Web Vitals improvement

for Yootheme Pro
How you can optimize your Joomla or WordPress sites for get better score in Google Lighthouse tests.

Why would I do that?

On the one hand Google confirms Core Web Vitals are becoming ranking signals for search results in May 2021.
On the other hand, the Google Lighthouse test since version 6 has become more demanding on the speed of sites and the latest Yootheme releases of themes can no longer enter the green zone.
As one of the leading Yootheme experts, I have prepared a set of detailed recommendations for the development team to improve performance in the new versions, but we will only get a breakthrough with the release of UIKIT 4.
The speed of the site depends not only on the theme, but also on all the extensions and plugins that you use.
Currently, I am preparing a detailed manual on optimizing projects based on Yootheme Pro. It will include all the problems I know and their solutions, public tips, and secret techniques for optimizing the project, which can be implemented on any site. To build such a tutorial, I need more examples, more real Yootheme Pro based sites, to make my guide really valuable and useful for developers and your customers.

what do you get?

Understanding what site problems can be solved quickly, with what effort, and at what cost.
  • a short report with a list of problems of your site that can be solved with a little effort
  • a list of extensions that can be replaced with more productive ones
  • a list of extensions that may require software improvement
  • tips on settings that you can perform yourself
  • a list of indications of problems that will be solved only in my full optimization manual
  • an approximate cost of optimizing your site, if you would like to order it from me

get an audit now

You can only get a free audit for one Joomla site and one WordPress site.
If you need analysis for more sites, please contact me to place an additional order.


get the full manual


how quickly will I get an audit?
The audit is not performed automatically. Each site is considered separately and you will be provided with only those recommendations that are suitable for your site now. I try to prepare reports within one day after receiving the request.
What indicators can I get if I fix everything?
I can't say exactly what results you'll get. As I gain experience in optimizing projects, I will be able to give a rough estimate, but not now. In any case, it is important for you to have higher indicators than you have now.
How do I order an additional audit?

Most often I prepare audits at night, after the main work. You can buy me 1 cup of coffee for each additional site that I need to check.

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