[[ Revo Render ]]

Create nested elements in Yootheme Pro layouts using the render plugin.

Joomla 3.9.x plugin | Yootheme Pro 2.4.x+
  • Current version:1.0.0 RC
  • Update date:27 Jule 2021
*1 year of free updates
unlimited sites
no warranty

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About Revo Render plugin

The plugin allows you to embed entries from the library of layouts and elements in other parts of the site using shortcodes.

  • create nested elements
  • create end-to-end blocks for updating content on several pages at once
Important notes
If the name of an entry in the library is duplicated, the first entry added to the library (the earliest in time) will be displayed.
no warranty

I'm not guarantee the perfect operation of the layout when using this plugin, you can use the plugin on the condition As Is

Know issues
Initializing the Open Street map when embedding an element causes an console error.

How it ise

Use [[name]] as shortcode for render layout/section/elements from the theme library.

*Pop-up messages with the section name and the shortcode are output using the Page Builder Toolkit 1.0.4+ plugin.
Its use is not necessary for the Revo Render plugin to work.


Version 1.0.0

  • release
    Plugin release

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